Welcome to FRANKA, a family-owned place, where we want to create a new story to tell, connect with the people of Trogir and others from all around the world, make memories and share our love and passion for gastronomy and hosting.

Long before we founded Franka, while it was still an idea and long wanted family project, we knew that we wanted a place of gathering. A place where we will share ideas, make travel plans, cook together, create, bond and live our dreams. In our minds, Franka was that happy place of prosper and creativity for family lunchtime or a quick weekend escape with loved ones.

Imagining it, we could already hear the murmur and laughter on our terrace that echoes through the city streets, we could already feel the vibe that we longed for, with the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Ella Fitzgerald playing like a soundtrack for our dreams in the background. “That’s life”, as Frank would say!

And then, we started making our dream come true. In the most uncertain times. Yes, it was exhausting, challenging and hard. But now, looking back we are even more happy that we challenged ourselves, we are even more happy than we could have imagined. Because, spending time in our Franka, we plan, we laugh and we dream more. We are grateful to see our guests enjoy, fall in love, share special moments, eat and drink with us. We are thankful to the Universe that we let our dreams out there and it awarded us with granting us our dreams come true.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our story with you and to share our dreams with you, from our family to yours…

On the ground floor of our house, just beneath our 3 guest rooms, there is a ”FRANKA kitchen” for all the foodies and wine lovers!
Come by for a quick breakfast or some of our signature cocktails (because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere), or make a reservation for lunch or dinner, we can’t wait to meet you all…

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